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Simplifying your herbal business.

Welcome to KERRII; your herbal business partner. KERRII is high quality, web based herbal business software that  makes operating your herbal business simple and easy. KERRII allows you to determine more accurate pricing to eliminate manual paperwork, manage your inventory, keep track of formulas and more.  

Stop trying to guess your business - know it, with KERRII.

Herbal remedy bottles

What does KERRII do?

Keep track of your inventory, your products and what is macerating so you always know what you have in stock. 

Organize your customer database, formulas and order history. Easily determine who needs to be contacted if there is a recall.

Know you are making money, don't guess with costing tools that do the hard work for you.

See what needs to be reordered, easily and simply so you never run out of stock.

Why is it called Kerrii?


The name and logo design was inspired by the Hoya Kerrii plant; a climbing plant with heart shaped waxy leaves that can grow up to 4 metres high. The Hoya Kerrii is known for being an incredibly easy plant to take care of. It’s simple, manageable and uncomplicated...just like your herbal business should be. 

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Herbal remedy bottles
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