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Kerrii's Features

Herbal Medicine

Kerrii is the only herbal dispensary management software designed by herbalists for herbalists. It simplifies running your herbal business so you spend less time doing paperwork and more time doing what you love.

Inventory and pane.jpg

See what you have in stock

Everything that you have on your shelves listed in one place.

Sort the list according to product type, packaging or ingredient. Search for something specific and see the item details with a single click.

Know how much you are making on each product

Kerrii has tools that make pricing products for your market easy.

Enter labor costs, adjust retail markup and overhead. Then check the price breakdown. If you don't like the suggested price, you can enter your own.

price breakdown.jpg
Lot search.jpg

Find where you used an ingredient 

Kerrii's Lot No search allows you to search through all stored data

With a single click Kerrii will tell you what products contain an ingredient, to who you sold those products and if you have included it a formula you are working on or something that is maceratiing. Recalled ingredients will never stress you out again.

Know what needs to be restocked

The restock list sorted by supplier makes restocking easy

With one click see what needs to be reordered and from whom and what needs to be remade.

Restock list.jpg
Natural Soap and Flowers

Plus so much more...

Auto Tracking of inventory

Formula/recipe storage 

Customer information storage

Formula/recipe duplication

Maceration calendar

Metric conversion calculator

Income reports

Account for waste

Formula/recipe experimentation

Import data in bulk

Supplier information storage

Expiry list

Invoice creation

Bulk product creation

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