Who uses Kerrii?

Mixing Organic Beauty Products

Anyone who makes their own remedies or products

Use Kerrii to simpify your business

  • Herbalists

  • Clinical herbalists

  • Aromatherapists

  • Soap makers

  • Tea blenders

  • Beauty product makers

What our customers say

"I started using Kerrii during the summer of 2020. The ability to catalogue all my raw herbs and tinctures was invaluable. Then, when I started using it for formula making and packaging, the system's value truly shined. Many times, I had no idea if I was pricing my products properly. Not only did Kerrii keep track of my inventory, it calculated pricing to include my time, overhead and appropriate markup. The team behind this software has thought of everything. They truly want to see us succeed and have designed a powerfully integrated tool to help make that happen."