Who uses Kerrii?


Manufacturers of herbal products

Soap Makers


Manufacturers of cosmetics

Why purchase Kerrii?

For only $25 a month you can save yourself hours of painful guess work and paper work. Kerrii does it all!

  • Automatically removes materials from inventory as they are used in formulas and products

  • Records all your formulas for easy reference and duplication

  • Lets you know when infused oils and macerations need to be processed

  • Lets you know what needs to be restocked or has expired with one click.

  • Keeps track of your client contact information allergies and medications

  • Lists all the formulas  that you have created for a single client

  • Allows you to create customized invoices with disclaimers

  • Automatically adds product and materials to inventory as they are produced

  • Tracks material costs and helps you determine pricing so you know you are making a profit