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How did your fiscal year end go? Here is how it can suck less next year.

A stressed herbal business owner in front of a laptop

Herbal business owners everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief that their fiscal year end processes are finally done. At least I hope they are. How did it go? Were you able to easily print off your income statements or did you have to sift through your invoices and make sure you have accounted for all your cash sales? Did you remember to account for expired items and waste? Did you print off your inventory and get it's total value in one easy step or did you have to sift through several spreadsheets and make sure everything was totaling up correctly? Even worse, are you still struggling to get everything done?

One thing we hear from our clients again and again is, "I wish I had started using Kerrii earlier". So many of our clients think that because their business is small, they don't need Kerrii. They think, "I will wait until my business is a bit bigger, then it will make more use of it". The reality is, if you make and sell products, no matter how small your business is, Kerrii will save you time, hassle and ultimately money. If you wait until your business grows, not only will you lose out on the benefits of Kerrii (like our awesome pricing tools) but it will also take you a lot longer to get Kerrii up and running. The more inventory you have the more work it takes to upload it to Kerrii.

If you want to sail through your fiscal year end next year, start using Kerrii now. This is the perfect time. You have just finished taking inventory so you have an accurate count of what you have in stock. Plus business tends to be a bit slower at this time of the year so you have the time to get your inventory, clients and suppliers uploaded into Kerrii. While this does take time, our sweet import features makes the process painless.

Just how can Kerrii make your fiscal year end suck less? Let me count the ways:

  1. Our Update Quantity page lets you see all your inventory amounts in one easy to update list. Grab a partner and yell amounts while they enter the new quantities.

  2. With one click you can mark expired items as obsolete. Two clicks more and you print off a whole list of obsolete items to give to your accountant. They count as deductions on your taxes.

  3. With one click you can print off your inventory list complete with its total value.

  4. With three clicks you can print off your annual income statement with as much detail as you want.

  5. To get you started we have extensive help files and training videos. If you get stuck or just need one on one help making Kerrii work with your business, we also offer free one-on-one training over zoom. You don't have to struggle trying to figure out how to use our software, we show you how.

Do yourself a huge favor, get Kerrii now ... like today. You will be so happy with how it makes your business more profitable and easier to run. You will be especially happy this time next year when you have sailed through your fiscal year end and realize you made some good coin thanks to those pricing tools.

If you are using Kerrii and still struggling .. stop it! Shoot us an email to our support line and we will set you up with a one-on-one zoom call to sort out where you are having difficulties and come up with solutions. We may even end up creating a new feature just to help you out. A lot of Kerrii's features have come from support calls with our clients.

Remember we know herbalism and we know manufacturing. We have been where you are. We have felt your pain. That is why we created Kerrii, to take away the pain and make sure that your business thrives. We help herbalists help others. Let us help you. Subscribe to Kerrii now.

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