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Kerrii now has a label feature!

We took a short break from our work on the Square integration to bring you the ability to quickly print labels. You can now download all the information from a formula, bulk formula, maceration or point of sale item, copy it and then paste it into your labeling software. As all you are doing is copying and pasting data from a text file, it will work with all printers and all labeling software.

How does it work? Simple, go to the Archive list and find the formula, bulk formula or maceration that you want to print a label for. Select the item. Once the pane opens, click the Label Data button at the bottom of the pane. Depending on how your browser is configured, it will either ask you if you want to open or save the file OR it will automatically save the text file containing your label data in your downloads folder.

To create your label, copy the data in the text file and paste it into your labeling software. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

It is important to note that you can only find the Label Data button on archived formulas, bulk formulas and macerations as well as point of sale inventory items. That means you have to produce the product to print a label, you cannot access the button from a draft or a maceration that has not yet been processed.

We are super stoked about this new feature. Bernadette has been using it in her clinic and is in LOVE with it. It has saved her a ton of time and we hope it will save you time too. Now back to work on that Square integration.

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